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Our installation piece encapsulates the many stories we have experienced in exploring the city of Lincoln, a reflection on the stories that Marco Polo tells Kublai Khan in Calvino’s ‘Invisible Cities’.

Following the Firth road footpath, you come upon the warehouse of William Sinclair Horticulture. An industrial warehouse surrounded by the sub-urban, its sides have been claimed by locals, graffiti covering each wall. On one side, a mural by the students of Lincoln University, nature and urban combined in an artistic landscape that disguises its industrial roots with beauty. The other side is daubed with symbols, disjointed, applied by members of the public angry or just uncaring for the building itself. The urban combines with the industrial and the frustrations of a city are displayed for all who pass to see. Littered in the space, we also found several examples of what we have called ‘artefacts’, items either left in the space or lost by passing members of the public. These artefacts reflect the cultural debris of modern society, pieces of our identity that we discard as we pass through life and whose remains are evident in the space.

Taking inspiration from the works of Trina Merry, we allowed members of the public to cover our bodies in graffiti, documenting whether people will cover our bodies in art, a celebration of the opportunity, or deface us.

CAST; Martyn Bignell/Chris Greenhall/Chris Mudd/Laura Roe

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