Lost Voices and Lincoln Gaol

The quiet, uphill area of Lincoln seems peaceful now, but in the not too distant past there were sinister goings on behind the Castle walls. The Victorian Prison/gaol at Lincoln Castle was hive of activity, holding debtors, felons and murderers of varied ages, including young children. Some were released after serving their time, but most were transported or executed. Through our research we have explored the treatment of prisoners, and we spent a lot time in the Gaol allowing the atmosphere to wash over us and transport our minds back to the 1800s.
Our performance is a durational piece exploring the atmosphere, emotions, isolation and loss of hope and identity experienced at the Victorian Gaol at Lincoln Castle.

As performers we aim to distance ourselves from any form of characterisation and instead transform all emotions experienced through the lack of identity to become empty vessels, allowing the Gaol’s atmosphere to fill our bodies and in a way perform for us; it is the reactions and experiances that our spectators face whilst in the space that we are truly concerned with. Their emotional state will almost become the performance, allowing the exploration of the question who is the artist?

We aim to bring the Gaols lack of hope and sense of lost identity to you and send your mind back two hundred years on an emotional journey of trials, and tribulation. You may experience an odd sense of entrapment from the lack of security and freedom within this space consequently leading to questioning the themes of identity and individuality, and what it means to form your own identity in past and present society – what is the importance?

CAST; Rebecca Blakemore/Sophie Hagger/Charlotte Truss

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