Life is a Restraint

Is it what is deemed “acceptable” that confines us into lives that we wouldn’t necessarily have chosen for ourselves? Does it make us introverted? Does it cage us? Can we identify with subconscious restraints or do they have to be physical to be acknowledged?

Using The Lawn as our basis for intervention, we aim to explore themes of restraint, caging, triggers and how that site invited these concepts. Through a combination of performance, experiment and site footage, we will open your eyes and minds to the events of the Lawn, the people that inhabited that space and how their experiences are still very much evident in today’s society.

Yet, it must be noted that, the intervention we will create could not exist without the site and how the site will now not necessarily be viewed in the same way.

CAST; Farisai Chitiza/Lauren Richardson/Kate Brooks/Ellie Coleridge/Tom Broadhurst/Patrice Buffery

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