Isolation and a Touch of Sanity


What does it mean to be isolated? Inspired by the Prison Chapel at the Lincoln Castle Gaol and Reckless Sleepers’ The Last Supper, we hope to offer audience members a chance to experience isolation in its worst format, by recreating the separate system used on prisoners in the 1800s.

We hope to push the boundaries of comfort and personal sanity, offering each person their own individual experience.

Through our own research and exploration, we found reflection to be an important factor in our process. Therefore, this element has been incorporated into our performance via a juxtaposition to enhance our focal theme whilst offering an opportunity to indulge in tea and a variety of sweet treats.

The separate system lasted three years, due to driving prisoners mad. How will you cope?

DISCLAIMER: This piece incorporates small spaces, hoods/blindfolds and audio which some audience members may find uncomfortable or disturbing.

CAST; Chloe Smith/Beth Canham/Vicky Spencer/Sarah Ford

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