String Stories Together

For a starter activity we were asked to take a ball of string and pass it to anyone in the circle and ask a question about a city.

For example

What is your favourite place in Lincoln?

What makes you happy about the city?

I got asked where is the most memorable place I have ever been? I answered that it was in Birmingham during the German market as it is something that only happens once a year and it totally transforms Birmingham as you feel like you have walked into a winter wonderland. There are smells of cinnamon, roasted chestnuts and beer (wouldn’t be a German market without beer). The streets are packed but everyone is in good spirits and smiling at one another. What I really liked about it, is you never know what is around the corner.

After we had all held the ball of wool and passed it on there was a web of string across the space within the room,



This made it feel that all our stories were connecting and intertwined. It was amazing to think this jumble of string represented the links between 24 stories about cities. In such a small space so much was going on.

When looking back at our stories several topics came up

  • Translations
  • Atmosphere
  • Transpositions
  • Poeple/Attitudes
  • Ruptures
  • Mapping
  • Celebrations
  • Treaure
  • Unexpexted
  • Reminders

One word that I had to think about was the idea of Rupture. I see it as a bad thing something that is exploding but when looking at it in another way, you could see it as a revolution or a change in the status quo in your life. For example a change that is memorable but not a normal occurrence. The next step would be too explore how to get past the surface of these stories.

String Theory.

A ball of wool was passed across the class and different questions were asked, including:

  • • What was your first impression of Lincoln?
  • • Where is your favourite place in the city to go when you want to be alone?
  • • What inspires you the most about the city?

My response to the first question was that I was in awe and that I’d never felt more at home, despite the fact that I’d never stepped foot in Lincoln before I had begun applying to Universities. Continue reading “String Theory.”

The string task

This week we had a task to create our own journey by using questions by passing around some string from person to person in the group. By bringing up memories by asking questions with a string which created a bond of a memory like when someone past it to me they asked a question which was where you like would to go again or visit and why? I said Spain because it hot and want to know more about it culture and food. Others had places where it would make them feel safe or some where they would go that peaceful or brings great memories that you want to remember from a certain place.


By the end of this task it was like we created our own master piece by a string when passing it out.


It made me think from this piece we created of how can we turn this string and memories in the site performance of how the audience will see from their point of view?


Then we watched some sort of clips like Krzysztof Wodiczko gallery art just by using shadows showing not just one person but it describes how the immigrates are the strangers in the society. Then we saw the Blast theory: Rider spoke was different it was about getting kidnap you knew about it but you wouldn’t know when it would happen so you wouldn’t know what was real or not like:


  •  Different places
  • Followed clues and texts
  • Paid to be involved
  • Chosen at random
  • Live web cam
  • Trapped 48 hours in small a  room


But how do we negotiate the ethics of where, how, why we engaged with space, communities, participation’s in these ways?


The Wool Task – Shaping a Performance Space

In this week’s session, we delved into the idea of space by sharing our experiences in and around the city. The task was to ask a person a question relating to the city or a place which means something to them. The string was passed to each person who was asked, eventually interlinking every person once everyone had been asked their question.

WP_000265 WP_000267







Emma Govan, Helen Nicolson and Katie Normington state in Making a performance: Devising Histories and Contemporary Practices that it is ‘space informing and shaping a performative experience’. ((Govan, et al (2007) Making a performance: Devising Histories and Contemporary Practices, New York: Routledge, p. 117)) We played around with this idea by filling the space with a web of pink wool. The string tracked the movement of our memories filling the space with the string, as each person’s memory filled the minds around us. People spoke about the unexpected; the fact that you can find hidden treasures in the city of Lincoln. For instance, two individuals saw a small door down a cobbled road and another found a beautiful park hidden up the Steep Hill. It is interesting the think of Lincoln as a city with lots of hidden treasures, as I myself have not had the luxury to fall upon them. Atmosphere was also a topic which arose from the questioning. In this, the atmosphere around the historical Cathedral verse a tropical Caribbean Island, were places mentioned. I was asked about a place I felt most safe. I answered that home is my safe haven, a place where my family are. If the spaces we spoke about can embody a meaning and an atmosphere, it would be fascinating to toy with the idea of recreating that feeling in a specific performance space.

Through this exercise, I learnt how important space can be for the shaping of a performance and how it can portray an array of performance ideas. Understanding space can be an important aspect of site specific theatre. When we bring back our interpretations of Lincoln into the studio, individual groups will think about the space they own and how best to use it. For our group, we will think about how the train station can be brought back to the studio, ideas like carrying heavy suitcases up the stairs makes use of the space. This is something we will take into consideration when shaping our piece.