Taking our group on our Journey

On Thu422847_10151298274092750_2012349045_nrsday 14th March we gave our class a taster experience of our piece. We took them to the train station and asked them to repeat four common gestures seen at the train station; putting headphones in, pressing246571_10151298275242750_1690904577_n the button to open the train door, pulling a suitcase and picking something up from the floor. We then asked them to perform these gestures around the outside of the train station. By doing this, the group were demonstrating the repetitiveness of getting on the train and the social normalities which come with journeys.

After this, we asked them to reflect on how this made them feel, how getting on a train feels, where they are going or where they have come from. All of these questions relate to the journey. Asking them to then write them on paper attached to Jade, meant we could keep a record of everyone’s experience, creating our own visual map of journeys.

When doing this, we had a few public responses. Unlike the applying of make-up in a shopping centre (one of our earlier Carl Lav625514_10151298273117750_549033298_nery tasks) which 575324_10151298274367750_1476800097_ndid not catch the public’s attention, this experience arose a few comments. The taxi drivers outside the train station showed an interest in our project and stated “You are doing what people do at the train station”. A few of them were even brave enough to sign the paper. This public response is something we hope to get when we do our piece properly at a later date, a project counting solely on public participation. We will board a train wearing our strips of paper and invite people to write aspects of their journey on us.

Like Knowbotiq Macghillie, an artist we are taking inspiration from, we aim to create a loss of identity by covering ourselves with the pieces of paper just as he did. By encapsulating our body with thoughts of those around us, we become the train itself. We are lost in the journey of the non-space, like the rest of the people around us.

paper man

Visit the site to learn more about Knowbotiq’s intervention:


Inviting others to our Site.

Invitation presented to individual groups.

Each group was asked to make their way to the Castle whilst stopping off at various places in the city to collect a cup of flour or sugar as creatively as physically possible. We wanted the groups to physically ask to borrow one of these things rather than simply going into a shop and buying it.

After asking permission of one of the security officers – who was very enthusiastic about what we were doing – to make sure it was okay to perform our task, we set up outside of the Castle and waited for the rest of the groups to arrive. Continue reading “Inviting others to our Site.”