Isolation and a Touch of Sanity

Site Specific has been a long, tough road for me and I am personally glad it is now over!

However, I am still appreciative of the work and effort I have put towards my final performance and the routes I had to take to get it to where it was.

Although our original plan to have our audience transfer between Studios 1 and 2 via our soundscape chapel boxes had to be scrapped, due to disability allowances and health and safety, the overall performance went with very few glitches. Continue reading “Isolation and a Touch of Sanity”

Inviting others to our Site.

Invitation presented to individual groups.

Each group was asked to make their way to the Castle whilst stopping off at various places in the city to collect a cup of flour or sugar as creatively as physically possible. We wanted the groups to physically ask to borrow one of these things rather than simply going into a shop and buying it.

After asking permission of one of the security officers – who was very enthusiastic about what we were doing – to make sure it was okay to perform our task, we set up outside of the Castle and waited for the rest of the groups to arrive. Continue reading “Inviting others to our Site.”

Duckie for Christmas dinner, Sir?

For the Duckie Christmas show 2006, get socially mobile for one night only and choose your class – lower class, middle class or upper class – dress up, and come and have Christmas dinner with us.’ ((The Barbican 2006, The Class Club, Online:, Accessed: 12 March 2013))


Duckie, a London based theatre company, devised a performance orientated around various classes in society. In this ‘audience interactive theatre event’ ((ibid)) audience members are completely involved in ‘a dinner-tainment for working class, middle class & upper class patrons’ ((Duckie 2006, The Class Club, Online:, Accessed: 12 March 2013)) which the entire performance surrounds.

However, not everyone will encounter the same experience. Depending on the price of ticket the audience pays for, they are treated and served dinners that are distinctively different between three social classes:

Continue reading “Duckie for Christmas dinner, Sir?”