(Executing the Executed): Reviving Lost Identities; found

Identity has been pinnacle in the development for our piece and has been of particular influence for me since the beginning right through to our performance. Even after the durational performance; identity lived on. We returned the retraced identities to the Gaol as a ritual of returning their identity to the space, in which they died in, as way of setting their identity free as a free traced vessel. Along with the identities of the prison we also took the carved tablets to complete the cycle of retracing identity from site to performance and performance to site. Returning identity and linking the past with the present seemed appropriate to complete the identity of our site specific reflection.



In the grounds of the prison we framed the tablets around a tree, which also had carvings of identification on it, situated opposite the restricted area in which the footstones were placed. It appeared the appropriate place to the traced identities to be placed and left to fulfil the recognition of them within today’s society.We left the site with our identity of the piece also carved into the tree.

20130509_142819    20130509_143308

My main interest throughout the site specific process predominantly concerned identification and the lack/loss of it, and essentially the uniqueness that space, place and site creates. I feel that through this process of site specific and reflective drama we have completed this fulfilling all essence and traces of identity and indeed site.

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