Isolation and a Touch of Sanity

Site Specific has been a long, tough road for me and I am personally glad it is now over!

However, I am still appreciative of the work and effort I have put towards my final performance and the routes I had to take to get it to where it was.

Although our original plan to have our audience transfer between Studios 1 and 2 via our soundscape chapel boxes had to be scrapped, due to disability allowances and health and safety, the overall performance went with very few glitches.

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Our Tea Room proved to be quite popular, with feedback given on our bunting being very positive of the audience’s whole experience up to that part. Some of the responses given included the following:

It is a trip to the past. Making the past our future. The horrors of the past combined with pleasants of the past.

First class service on a mysterious journey.

Very impressive, interactive performance using a juxtaposition narrative.

I liked the involvement with the performances that… and I like cake.

The varying but mostly positive responses makes me feel that we have pulled off a really good performance and that our efforts have been worthwhile.

For me, I felt the most relaxed whilst taking part in our Tea Room, not because I felt most comfortable, but because I was able to communicate with people. It’s not very often you are able to physically talk to your audience members during a performance, even if you’re talking to them in character.

However, I did feel a sense of power when taking part in our rope task between Studio 1 and 2, as I had to be strong and powerful in my stance and appearance. When talking to one of the audience members afterwards, it was said that my character made them feel ‘uneasy’ and that the felt inclined to take the rope from me, else fear something bad would happen. To some extent, I am happy with this as, even though we didn’t use our boxes, this sense of unease and fear is what we wanted our audiences to feel as part of the separate system at Lincoln Castle Gaol.

Although I haven’t entirely enjoyed my experience with Site Specific performance, I do appreciate the art and work behind it. It may not be my most preferred style of performing but I can see the benefits and appeal for those that do. This module has allowed me to explore and learn more about the city that I live in and develop a deeper appreciation for its past and what I’d hope it to be in the future.

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