Inspiration – Reckless Sleepers, The Last Supper

Reckless Sleepers - The Last Supper
Reckless Sleepers – The Last Supper

‘The Last Supper is a performance piece where we invite our audience to dinner, to eat and drink with us while we tell, and then eat the last words of the famous, the not so famous, criminals, victims, heroes, heroines and stars … with real scenarios, invented scenarios from the past. Each audience member is given a table number, their case number, their incident number. Thirteen of theses are last suppers.’ (Wetherell, Reckless Sleepers. Online)



I found this piece of text really interesting because I liked how they treated their audience members by giving them each a number which led the rest of the performance through telling them different scenarios from the past. I also liked how some of these scenarios were made up but the spectators didn’t know if they were real or not. The idea of the performers setting their piece out like the original Last Supper of Jesus and his disciples, I thought, was an effective way of giving the spectators something to relate to. Mole Wetherell the director and writer of this piece, thought, in detail, how he could get the spectators to get involved with the performance. This was done by the numbers they were given, that led to a certain seat at a certain table, where they were given food and drink and where they had a chance to interact with the performers and talk about these condemned people and eat their words in the last supper. I liked the idea of only having a select amount that was genuine last suppers of the people that were given the numbers the spectators had. I thought this was very affective.

A basic idea to start with was to play on the senses of our spectators and how we could enhance our installation by how our bodies work on a daily basis. We tried to work out what we could use for each sense hear, taste, sight, smell and touch. We wanted to create a picnic type feel to our installation and have information about the condemned people scattered around so the audience could read through them and take in what happened in the history of Lincoln.

This became our inspiration to look into the history behind the condemned people of Lincoln and how they were treated all those years ago. Lincoln Castle came up in a conversation and we all agreed to research into the history of the castle to see what we could find. We also wanted to look into the dungeons and cells at the castle but unfortunately these are closed off to the public.


Mole Wetherell, Reckless Sleepers: The Last Supper, Online:

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